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Our Property 
The original cabin which is now Emily's Inn was built in the late 1800's.  The home was added onto several times over the years and has been in the Lacy (Horton) family for the past 90 years. Emily's grandparents,  Jess and Nora Horton purchased the house and surrounding 250 acres on the courthouse steps for the sum of $3,860.  Jess and Nora knew their son (William, Emily's father) often drank and gambled.  To assure the farm remained in the family, they deeded the property to him with the stipulation that it could not be sold or encumbered for his natural lifetime.  Upon his death, the farm was deeded to Emily.
 Emily raised her family and lived there until August of 2016.   At this time the farm is used to grow timber and hay.  We also have bees and chickens so we have farm fresh eggs and home grown honey.  The farm is also home to some black angus cattle and a beautiful cut flower garden in the back yard.   In years past the farm has produced tobacco, hemp, corn and peppers, in addition to farm animals and the occasional jug of moonshine.  There are
two other homes on the property that are occupied by other members of the Lacy family.  

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